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  1. hesnobradpitt

    Introduction darkskies365

    Welcome mate ! Fellow older guy on TRT also. Brad
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    New member here

    Tried a few liquids but its more of a hassle for me than anything and dosing is easier with tabs and no taste. Brad.
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    Run And Gun Method

    “Cruise” 4 weeks Test Prop: 300mg EW then PCT 300EW is still a cycle so your basically doing 8wks Brad
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    27 gauge 1- 1/4 inch BD

    Amazon I even found 30x 1" Brad
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    Video How much should I dose or use for TRT?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Yeah I don't often jump in on your posts because of the fan fare.... posts get lost and real info is lost but I have a decade of dealing with this topic personally and been through 3 different Endo's and all have come to the same finish is for me 150 ew is just under 1000, I test day of pin and...
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    Sarms on TRT

    Are you planning on having Kids and that’s what you told your Endo/GP because that would be the only reason your on HCG to delay atrophy. Brad
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    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (USA DOMESTIC) - Official Thread 🇺🇸

    Mate do you guys have primo at the moment. Brad
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    Normal TRT numbers after a blast info needed

    Thanks again 8 wks it is and I will update with doses times and levels. Brad
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    Normal TRT numbers after a blast info needed

    And it’s good to see so many familiar fase here. Brad
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    Normal TRT numbers after a blast info needed

    Ok thanks boys ! Yes long esters so I’ll make sure I have acouple months on normal doses before any blood test. Brad
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    Happy Holidays iSARMS Community

    Enjoy mate I’m making the season count ! Brad
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    Normal TRT numbers after a blast info needed

    Hey all been awhile but I have a Q So I have changed doctors and just got back to insurance covered TRT which is 150 wk that puts me @720 ish I’m 53 btw I usually only test once per year and have not blasted for acouple for acouple of but will start doing short runs with test only maybe primo...
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    High blood pressure on Test E, Winnie cycle

    Winni does that to me also but remember to drink lots of water also it can help. Brad
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    How long

    From Sarms I don’t lose to much ! I don’t over train after my run I cut back to 100 reps not 200 reps and jump on the otc sups. Disclaimer I don’t do 200 reps that was for entertainment and to amplify a point. Brad.
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    ECA leads

    Thanks for your help looks like I’ll have to cocktail my own ! Brad.
  16. hesnobradpitt

    ECA leads

    Finding it very hard to find a source for a legit ECA my go to has stopped making, any help appreciate Brad.
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    Flash sale! 2 for 1

    I just ordered from this sale I ordered my favor combo Test E/ Tren E this is a high mg/ml combo and if it didn’t leave some pip I’d be concerned! I put 2ml in my glute after a 4 month break and only a dull pain no knot. It’s a beautiful dark amber color to which makes me happy to see not a must...
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    Recomp Cycle Idea

    I’ll comment on the Tren 75 eod for 8 wks is good last 8 is optimal Hcg yes up until you start pct then stop. Brad
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    My offseason with Axio/PeakPerformance IWGF

    Wait do you think I’m a Troll ?