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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Ok here goes another redundant post. I can’t say enough about Buddha. I ordered and it arrived to 1-stop on Friday. Received my order on Monday. Amazing!!! Can’t make this up. Buddha keeps u in the loop at all times. Best customer service u can ask for. Unreal! Thank you Buddha and...
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    All I can say is they Buddha received my order on the 8th and I got my supps 4 days later. Outstanding. What more is there to say.
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Just want to thank Buddha. Ordered Wednesday, paid Thursday received goods today. This is my go to now...again shout out to Buddha...we’re in good hands.
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    US Domestic Source

    Robolics has always been top notch. There used to be reps here. Not sure if they’re still here.
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    Testing you HGH is there a way?

    Dave Palumbo has a kit on his site. Very similar to a pregnancy test.
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    My offseason with Axio/PeakPerformance IWGF

    Is 300 mg a week TRT dose for you? Just curious cuz some people say 200 some as high as 500. Thx
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    Axio gear porn, Primobolan and Anavar, a contest prep wet dream

    Can a rep PM me a list. Lots of good feedback. Thanks
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    Thanks again axio. Show, May 26th final product.

    You look much fuller now bro. Great should do very well again. I know you give credit to the Mast, but did you do something different with your diet, carbs? Definitely fuller and drier.
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    CVS vs Pharma Lady Test Cyp Bloodwork

    Yeah be careful even with pharma grade stuff. I follow Mike Porter and he talked about getting test from Sun pharmaceutical and pinning 200 mg weekly and having 300 test reading. Some Pharmacies under dose their stuff big time.
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    CVS vs Pharma Lady Test Cyp Bloodwork

    Wow that CVS is week. What brand was it? I don’t think CVS makes any test.
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    Axio & Peak Menu

    Hey 9th, Can you PM me contact info for Axio? I usually order from Robo and Pharmacon, but I would definitely like to try you guys. Thanks.
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    My 12 week competition 2018 before/after.

    Outstanding! Curious also where you placed. Very aesthetic.
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    heart problems

    Agreed Service. Good luck and be well.
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    heart problems

    Wow. Like you said you had a preexisting condition but still scary. I ran tren last year at 300 mg week, for 6 weeks, no problem and I’m 54. I was thinking about doing a summer cycle now I’m 55, lowering dose to 200 mg week to be safe, but not so sure now. May stick to EQ or Masteron.
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    Robo Test Cyp blood work

    Yup. I was on a TRT dose of 200 mg with his test c a week and my number was over 1800. Can’t go wrong.
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    Is Jeff Seid a Natty?

    Mike O’Hearn claims to be natty. I don’t know and don’t care. What’s so impressive about him is how heavy he trains. He’s done that for years. What’s more impressive to me is that he’s damn near 50 and still going super heavy. That for sure is genetics. Super strong tendons and ligaments...
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    Robo Spring Cycle

    Looks good just be careful because you’re over 50...winstrol is tough on the liver. Make sure you’re doing blood work so you know where you stand. Good luck.
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    Robolics lower prices

    Saiyan can you send me one as well. Robo is my go to guy. Thx
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    estradiol number

    I think your test number is also a little low. I'm taking 200 mg a week of test cyp along with 25 mg anastrazole a week and my numbers are 1700 test and 5 estrogen (which is low I agree) but I feel great. I'm 54 years old.
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    My Lean Pharma Lady Bulk

    Look great bro and your test numbers are solid. But like everyone else mentioned the estrogen numbers are off the charts. That part doesn't make sense