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    Thoughts on this 14 Week Cycle

    I am 41 yrs old, I have done over 4 cycles, I have around 16% BF at 205 lbs. Here is the cycle what do you all think? 14 Week Cutting Cycle Test E: 500mg/week (1-14 wks) Masteron E: 600mg/week (1-14 wks) MK-677: 25mg/ED (1-14 wks before bed) Arimidex: .5mg/EOD (1-12 wks) Anavar: 50mg/ED (1-8...
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    I know I might not get an answer but i am looking to buy some gear and the guy i normally get them from moved to a different state. Where do you all suggest i get it from? Has anyone used puritysourcelabs
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    Sarms question: Liquid or pills which is better?

    Is there any difference in effectiveness with SARMS between pills and liquids?
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    Dylan/everyone what do you think of this cycle?

    I am: 38 yrs old Currently 210 BF % is about 15% This will be my 5th cycle My goal is to cut, while of course adding on lean muscle and strength T-Bol: 50mg (1-4 wks) (I normally use D-bol so I wanted to try something different that has less side effects) Test C: 350mg (1-16 wks) Tren E: 350mg...