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    eq + test C cycle

    Planning on running a cycle for 16 weeks, mixing EQ and Test C. 500 test, 700eq. I usually pin test C e5d. My question is how I should approach EQ, can I get away with pinning it e5d along with test C, or should I go closer to 2 or even 3 times a week. Ive done some searhing on the webb, and...
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    First SARM cycle

    Hello, im a fairly big guy, trained for 11 years and been cycling mostly test/deca, tried out different compounds such as tren, tbol, dbol, anadrol, over the 6-7 years ive been on/off gear. But in the last 3 years I fell back to test/deca, it just felt best for me. Im getting older and the...
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    My first cycle

    Hello. Starting my first cycle after new years. Going with Test E + aromasin. aswell as hcg and all the other PCT-stuff. (Got all this figured out) But Id really like to shred down to the summer, is it a bad idea to either end my "first" cycle with winstrol or to do a clen cycle afterwards? Are...
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    Newbie needs clarification

    Hello, im a new fish. Ive been working out for about 4 years now and ive decided to try Test E 250/e5d as my first cycle. stats: 25+ 6'1 ~200lbs ~15% bf 2 Questions. 1. I've read a bit and some newbies are starting out with 500mg the first 2 sticks. Is that a good idéa or should I go with 250...