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    Do you need an end cycle PCT if you are not at your genetic peak

    So after you 12 week dosage of any sarm... Obviously first or second time users wont be at there genetic peak.. My question is if you still keep working out at the same rate once you get off, constantly every week go 5 pounds more, or 3 extra reps, so constantly trying to improve once you get...
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    Where to buy Sarms, Safest most reputable place

    Just curious where the best place to buy them is... cause I know there are alot of place that sell shit.. ive tried to do research and look at reviews... but reviews can be fake... studied the difference between pills and liquid, I just dont know what site to trust.. dont want to pay for fake...
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    Dylan youtube videos

    I could have sworn you had a lot more youtube videos up did you delete them.. like you had a top 5 sarms, top 5 anbeloic (spelled wrong) and stuff like that.. i specifically remeber one top sarms video where you where like you dont even have to do anything at all and this sarm works... well i...
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    Looking to get back into shape Dylan or anyone else help would be greatly appreciated

    Hey, I was watching your YouTube videos and you seem very knowledgeable.. well I played semi pro basketball back in the day and am looking to get back in shape.. since back then I got married had a kid got a divorce so now I do have a little dad bod.. anyways I'm about 215 and 6 foot.. and...