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    Hello Is it safe to take 200 mg P5P daily (100mg morning and 100 mg evening) for long term ? Currently not on any Aas.
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    Hello Besides E2, prolactin and high testosterone what other hormones suppress gonadotropins (Lh& fsh) in men.
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    Adrenal fatigue.

    What is adrenal fatigue? Is it HIGH levels of cortisol or LOW levels of cortisol ?
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    Can someone tell me 50 mg of p-5-p is equivalent to how much mg of vitamin b6 ? Thank you.
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    How to control SHBG during pct? As clomid has positive effects on SHBG levels.
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    High SHBG

    Hey everyone. Here is my recent blood work. Everything is in range but FREE testosterone is on the lower side with high SHBG. LH- 4.97 mIU/ml. (1.24-9) SHBG -46 nmol/l. (18-54) Prolactin- 13.28 ng/ml. (2.64-14) E2- 29 pg/ml. (12-50) Total testosterone- 562 ng/dl. (241-925) Free testosterone-...
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    Adrenal fatigue.

    My recent blood work Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) - 40.2 pg/ml (range <46) Cortisol(morning) - 29.24 ug/dl (4.3-18) I am not taking any AAS. Can I take this stim free preworkout? - 2gm beta-alanine + 2 gm L-arginine( AAKG) + 6gm Citrulline Malate. Any advice to lower those numbers...
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    Need advice.

    This one is for my friend (29yr old)who finished his test(350)+ deca(350) cycle 2 months ago. And follow a full PCT protocol. Blood work after 4 weeks of finishing PCT. Testosterone- 677 Lh-7.2 FSH-3.9 E2- 27 Prolactin - 16 Everything comes to normal. Since he don’t control his prolactin...
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    Should I need to stop taking multivitamins a week before going for blood work. Will they show some false readings especially when going for hormones testing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What is the effect of crashing ESTROGEN on LIPIDS? Will the cholesterol, LDL shoots up like a rocket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Blood Work

    There are so many thing which are flagged here... need help in interpreting these values. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need Help

    T3 - 119 ng/dl (60-200) T4 - 8.4 ug/dl (4.5-12) TSH - 6.01 uIU/ml(0.3-5.5). HIGH. Earlier - 3.2 LH- 5.8 FSH- 3.6 Total Test- 486. Earlier - 520 E2- 23 Prolactin - 12 1) Can high TSH decrease TESTOSTERONE levels? 2) what should I do to decrease TSH since T3 and T4 are in range. 3) Can lack...