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    ROBO TD(again)/gear porn

    Ok, im angry! This guy moves half way across the country, tells us about it, and makes my package only 2 days later than usual! U believe this freakin guy?! Ok obviously kidding! All that is true and still only took 5 days(we'll say. pd on saturday arrives on friday). It just dont get no...
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    Robo nails it again!!

    It's a bunch of the same, i know. Again with the lightning speed and ease of transaction! I just dont get how this guy stays 100% on point all the time! Hats off to ya man! And i only ordered because of the kick ass sale so wanted to keep it sealed for now, but if ya want some gear porn, let me...
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    Tren/deca convo starter

    Thoughts and/or experiences on cycling tren 2 wks then deca 2 wks back and forth for 12-16 weeks.?.?.?
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    ROBO TD! YOU DA MAN BRO!(gear porn)

    Well it's no secret robo is fast but he got my money wednesday and its here on saturday! Giggity as a school girl! Will update on results later but heres some gear porn in the mean time. Robo obviously and just some old vials I've used in past.
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    MUSCLE MONDAY(the new flex friday)

    Just goin around tryin something new and different for fun.