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    Whats up guys! So during my next cycle I was thinking of adding in TESTOLYZE by species nutrition. Its marketed as a testosterone "optimizer". It states that it is not just a test booster, but it helps the body to manage estrogen and dht. Supposedly helps to balance all the hormones that get out...
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    The 20...The 10...TOUCHDOWN PHARMA LADY!!!!

    Recently purchased my second order from PL. Everything went smooth again. With the exception of missing one item from my order. I contacted her and she responded almost right away, saying she would ship my item. 7 days later it arrived with no extra cost. YOU CANT BEAT THAT SERVICE! Also wanted...
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    Estrogen Control Advice Needed

    So I have been running a test only cycle for the last 13 weeks, dosing at 500mg a week (2 injections). I have had blood work done twice now. The first time my estradiol came up at 61.0 (7.6-42.6 pg/mL). So I thought my AI was bunk. So I went about getting a new one from a trusted source here on...
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    When does Aromasin begin to work?

    So on Jan 1 I started my FIRST CYCLE, test only at 500mg a week. I waited a little over a month then got my blood work done. Esterdiol came back at 61 ( range: 7-42). So the "arimidex" that I was using turned out to be bunk. SO, I placed an order and got some global anabolics aromasin. Which I...
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    5 Weeks in to my FIRST CYCLE

    Hey guys, first off let me say that I have found the information on this board to be very helpful. And to Dylan, I must have watched over 100 of your videos, VERY INFORMATIVE. So, I’ve been training for 10 years. Currently 31 years old, 5’9 170lbs. Recently decided that I wanted to put on some...