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    Previous thread deleted

    Just making sure I’m not going crazy. I posted a thread asking about a source that is no longer on the boards.. asking if his stuff was legit (because I have some I was wanting to run).. I’m not seeing the thread anywhere. Is that against the rules?
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    Summer.... bulk

    Who else is going against the grain by going on a serious bulk this summer? With the npc upping the weight limit to FP I need to take the full year of 2018 to put on as much size as humanly possible.. this will be the first summer I'm not shredded since I can remember.. anyone else in the same...
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    Kick starting cycle with.... a cut?

    So I always kickstart every bulk with a moderate cut to prime myself, increase insulin sensitivity.. etc The one cycle I have done I did it post bodybuilding show.. after a 12 wk prep (it went extremely well till a neck injury 6 wks in and I lost everything and then some because I couldn't lift...
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    Aromasin on an airplane

    Hey guys, flying to Alaska next Wednesday .. 3 flights to get there from Georgia.. will be in the middle of a cycle and I'm EXTREMELY estrogen prone.. I have to run over 30mg of aromasin daily.. I have it in pill form and i also have some adex research Chem Advice?
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    glad i waited to compete (pics)

    scrolling through old pics. i found one EXACTLY 2 years ago 10 pounds difference but it had me pumped up 5'9.5 in both, 182lbs in the first, 190lbs in the second was actually natural until i hit 180lbs again this year, and Ive gone up to 190 with a little fat gain with a low dose MGP provided...
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    Flakes in gear

    Hey guys. Had 2 older vials of test cyp (under 1 year old) that I'm about to start using again.. Found some flakes floating around IN BOTH.. should I trash or is there something I can do?
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    Mid cycle blood results.. need some advice

    This was the 6th week of the cycle Running test cyp @ 350mg/wk (split into 2 doses) Tbol @ 60mg/day (first 6 wks) Deca @350mg a day (split into 2 doses) Total test was at 1736 Estradiol was at 56 (extremely estrogen prone) and I'm running aromasin at 12.5mg daily Prolactin was at .6 (running...
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    Transitioning from cycle to contest prep

    In week 5 of a 12 wk test cyp/tbol/deca cycle (350/45ED/350) If I stay true to the cycle I will finish it with 12 weeks left to prep. I'm on trt (150mg/wk) so I don't have any PCT worries My worries are coming in lean enough for stage .. I'll be doing classic physique. I'm just wondering if...
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    Mgp customer service

    If MGP gear is as good as thin D's customer service. Then all u bastards will be asking for my autograph after this run. Seriously the dude is impressing the shit out of me with his response time and willingness to help when another UGL is somewhat leaving me hanging.
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    Traveling to U.S. Virgin Islands

    Hey guys, shortly following my cycle I will be flying to the U.S. Virgin Islands for a week (fuck yeah) It'll immediately following a cycle so I'll still be running my aromasin, I'm estrogen sensitive so I'm not willing to go a week without it, I can take research Chem or tabs from some of our...
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    First big boy cycle

    Age 30 Lifting experience 15 years 185lbs @ 10-11%bf trt @200mg/wk Cycle history 350mg test cyp for 12 weeks, caught the flu the last 2 weeks and lost 90% of gains (held fever of 1.1-102 for over a week) Proposed cycle Length 10-12 wks Test cyp 350mg/wk Npp 350mg/wk Provi 50mg ED CABER...
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    Test cyp and npp

    Anyone ever run a long ester test base with fast acting npp? I know it's advised to use prop but to be honest I swell up no matter what brand I use (with my cyp trt) and I can't imagine having to use prop (more oil volume) I have a good stash of cyp available so I was thinking of upping my...
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    Valhalla makes nuclear test and what about this gyno

    First things first, I'm running vanhalla's cyp for my trt @200mg/wk. that usually puts me around 850-950. Well I ran some bloods.. I pin 2x a week, and this was 2 days after my half dose pin.... Unreadable over 1500.. Holy shit.. I'm going to have to cut his dose in half when running trt...
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    Help fellas what to do about this show/cycle

    Long story short, started a cycle 7 weeks ago.. First 3 weeks were with my trt cyp and then I switched over to some stuff that come to find out was either bunk or SEVERLY underdosed.. Here is my situation.. My Valhalla cyp just came in (will be for another thread but that dude is fucking clutch...
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    inflammation at pin site cause absorption issues?

    I apologize if this is hard to follow, but here is my attempt.. So the other week i had a thread talking about some gear i'm using that has given insane soreness, but even more than that a TON of swelling and redness, we are talking lumps the size of golfballs EVERYTIME. thats not the...
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    Swelling at injection site.. EVERYTIME

    So let me get this out of the way. My wife is a 7 year ER RN and does all my injections plus I've been on trt for a few years. So I know what it should feel like and there is not error with injecting But EVERY time I do an injection I have a lot of swelling, redness and soreness that lasts for...
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    Weight stalled Wk 5 of cycle can't eat anymore

    So I'm on my 5th week of a test cyp 400mg/wk of Phurious test. First three weeks I shot up 5-8 pounds (fluctuated).. Flared up some previously exhausting gyno. Arimidex on hand. Steadily went up on dosage until the tenderness and itchiness subsided as well as a little size (.25mg/day) All...
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    Dieting first 3-4 wks of cyp cycle

    Ok hear me out before you verbally bash me. I've always grown well coming out of a diet (like most ppl) but then all growth hits a brick wall after about 4 weeks and the fat train comes to town.. Since most ppl will agree that a 12 week cycle is what u need of cyp do to not really having it...
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    planning what i think to be my first legit cycle

    Hey guys, new to the site. Been searching for something like this. Background Age 30 Years in the gym 13 Height/weight 5’9 @184 Bodyfat, not sure but I’m fairly lean, I’ll say 11% Goals, compete NPC classic physique or one day light heavyweight Starting weight was 140lbs Cycle history: in...