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    What defines TRT?

    What defines TRT? So I have run across numerous forums, comments and advice on TRT but I have yet to find a consensus. For example some say TRT is only Testosterone, while others are adding deca and orals both of these scenarios I have seen played out Dr prescribed and self medicated. Another...
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    Rotation of injection sites

    I am looking for general information on syringe size preference with delt and chest injections. I normally use a 23g x 1in with glute injections. I am hesitant to use 1in on delts and chest, I also have 25G x 5/8 which looks better to me because I don't have huge delts or chest. I'm open to lat...
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    Blood work Free Testosterone ranges

    I have been sent my blood work. And I need help interpretings values. Free Testosterone-Final: Value: 71.9 Reference range: 5.1--41.5 Units: pg/ml Currently running Test E 500mg cycle 4 weeks in 1st cycle ever. 39 y.o, 209lbs, unsure of body fat I can post a pic abs are visible flexed and...
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    TRT/Royal Medical vs Live like a viking

    Hello I'm new to the forums and looking for some information on these two companies. I am 40 y.o. male that just completed his first month on TRT from Royal medical 200mg test cypionate and 40 units hcg. Recently after viewing live like a viking website I am considering switching. Can anyone...