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  1. jbravo65

    Got my pro card!

    Hi all. Its been awhile since I checked in. I thought I'd see what's new around here and to announce that I won my pro card in Physique masters at the North American Masters Championship last August. I've been off cycle since the competition and, although I'm still training regularly, its...
  2. jbravo65

    Just won my first BB competition!

    Hey all, I started this journey 8 months ago. Went from 13% bf, down to 4% bf by April, when I competed in my first BB competition in Physique. I'm 53 and I took 1st place in masters and 4th in open! Been on this forum and watched just about all of Dylan's youtube videos. All of which helped...
  3. jbravo65

    Tren Ace pip

    Hey, I’m on my third cycle and first time using Tren Ace. Injected once on delt and once in glute. Both are sore and feel like someone punched me at the injection sites. It’s not red or swollen. Just annoyingly sore. Is this typical for tren ace? Got the stuff from a reputable source on...
  4. jbravo65

    9th Wonder Order

    Ordered Syntrom GH 5 days ago and its here! More orders to come!
  5. jbravo65

    Need specifics. Hoping for Dylan to weigh in.

    I've left a post with my stats and got some good general info but, because I'm getting close to the 8 week mark on my first cycle, I'm hoping to get some specific info for my pct and next cycle. Again, I'm in my fourties, been body building naturally for over fourty years and finally decided to...
  6. jbravo65

    First cycle Test and Deca

    Just started my first cycle. I'm 42 and have been lifting for most of my life but could never get bigger than 175 lbs without getting my body fat out of control. I finally decided to take the plunge and get into using gear. I started out with 200 test cyp and 200 Deca. Wow! Cant believe the...
  7. jbravo65

    Yay! I'm finally in!

    New member here. I'm a long time lifter/body builder and got tired of training my ass off with minimal results. About 6 months ago, I ran into a co-worker with the size I've always tried to achieve. I asked him what his secret was and he was totally up front with me. He gave me the name of a...