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    Can I stop mid cycle?

    Unfortunate circumstances have caused me to not be able to complete my cycle. I?m at week 5 and I?m curious if I can start taking my PCT now & stop taking my SARMS or if I can?t/shouldn?t do that. Thanks in advance. Also how long will I have to wait again if I choose to stop right now, before...
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    Rad 140, Ligandrol, yk-11

    Hey everyone, I?m super new to sarms and I?m on the end of my first week of this stack. Only question I have is, do you guys take ibuprofen if you?ve got a headache and is it okay to do so while on these? I?m taking 12mg of yk-11, 20mg of rad-140, and 20mg of ligandrol, all liquid compound. The...