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    SARMS Bulk questions

    Hi All, Age 37, considerable training an nutrition experience. Very structured training for 8yrs+. Coming off a recent cutting phase which has been quite successful. I got down to 6%bf, which is very pleasing. My only disappointment is that my bulk phase prior to cutting was very interrupted...
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    Crystallised Nolva

    Hi All, Has anyone experienced Nolva crystallising? I?ve got a bottle which was stored in a dark cupboard indoors in a moderate weather city for about a year with my other SARMs (unopened). It was also stored next to a small amount of clomid left over from a PCT. The clomid has not...
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    First SARMS cycle

    Hi All Looking for some feedback on my first SARMS cycle. Wanting to gain as much knowledge as possible, appreciate any advice. Goal: re-comp. I want to start out with MK-2866. MK-2866: w1-12 25mg PCT Clomid: w13-16 50/25/25/25 or Nolv: w13-16 40/20/20/20 GW-501516 w13-16 20mg Considering...