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    hi everyone I’m 5 weeks into my d Bol decca test cycle. 350mg 30mg a week. Anastrozole .5 eod. I am seeing some gyno, what do you recommend.
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    Off season

    I’m about to start a off season. I’m utilising dosage of test & Decca at 300mg Wk1-14test e 300 Wk1-14Decca 300 Wk1-4 D Bol 10-30 Arimidex 0.5 eod Tudca/ N2gaurd Vitamin B6 Pct clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25 nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20 aromasin 12.5 mg eod what do you think about dosages ? &...
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    Third cycle

    Need your opinions on Off season cycle. I have run three cycles in past Test only 500mg , Test 500mg and t Bol 50mg, test t Bol proviron. All were insane results can do a lot with just test and great nutrition and program. I?m now adding compounds for mass. D Bol kickstart 30mg wk 1-4...
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    Off season

    So I just finished my recomposition which was successful I?m going into a off season now I have been running Test sust 250 for 9 weeks. I have ran two cycles previously both test e and t Bol at 500mg and 30- 50mg always had amazing results even at low dosages. I?m trying to pack on some good...
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    Off season

    Week1-16 Test C 500mg EQ 400mg Proviron 50mg Week 1-4 Dbol 10mg Third cycle Want size remaining as lean as I can whilst enjoying the wonders of a off season any advice of dosing never used EQ what you lot think of it all replies appreciated
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    Pre contest cycle

    What’s your thoughts on a short pre contest cycle I wasn to run later in the year I want six weeks simply to attain as much lean muscle and cut in that time I have never used tren I have run previous cycles of test what’s your ideas I want to use the minimalist dosage possible for tren what...
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    Hi peoples I’m a men’s physique competitor I have done a hand full of competitions so far dating last year I have only run a cycle previously I had a lot of success from the blue print I got from Dylan and Rick My question is how do other competitors run drugs in a off season and then again...
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    Steroid Cycle

    I’m 26 and a competitor running a test cycle not my first 15 weeks Test E 500mg Primo 600mg Tbol first 6 weeks 50mg My question is I’m on stage next week for my show that will be week 15, I have another competition the Arnold’s 13 weeks later so I don’t want to PCT and start another cycle as...