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    m1-mk questions

    I am currently on a cycle of Rad140 and MK-677.. I have been on Rad140 for 5 weeks and decided to throw mk677 into the cycle about a week ago due to more research. I have received 2 bottles of m1-mk with my Rad140 from bannednutrition and I am looking for crazy strength gains but from what I am...
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    Starting a new strength stack

    Started a cycle of rad140 23 days ago and was told to buy some off esarms for assured quality. I bought 3 months worth of Testolone (rad140) and it came with 2 bottles of m1-mk. I'm going to just go with the flow and go ahead and start the complete strength stack. It says to take 7 caps of mk...
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    First Rad 140 cycle (beginner)

    I have recently just started trying Rad 140. This is my first sarm I have ever tried and still very sceptical about them. I have started dosing at 10mg just a few hours before I work out. I already want to start taking 20 - 25 (recommended dose) but I am wondering if I just take all 20mg in the...