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    Sarms Trade Names and Acronyms

    Thank you for the awareness!!!
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    Anyone else getting these?

    If you are not sure about such an email is legitimate reach out to a rep for the sponsor *supposedly* sending email as it may be a scammer impersonating them. Do NOT reply or click any links in such email until you get verification that it is a legit email.
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    Doctor prescribing Deca, HGH, testerone and MK677?

    +1 That sure sounds awesome if true.
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    2 months out!!! UPDATE

    Awesome work and you should get to nail this one quick with that sick physique.
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    New Moderators...

    The more the merrier and hopefully things will finally be on an even keel.
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    17 years old looking

    If you are 17 you should not even touch Sarms or God forbid, AAS. Train naturally and take in plenty of protein and then you'll get there. Don't screw up your body at this stage as you are still developing.
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    Went to my first NPC show last weekend

    Now that's just nice
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    Fake Peptides from China: An Epdiemic: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Well said, it pays to play it safe and know your supplier. Too many fakes out there so be aware!
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    Calling out Dylan Gemelli & RickRock!

    These guys really love what they do, haha
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    Leg Pics for the haters... =)

    Now that surely sums it up 100%
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    Leg Pics for the haters... =)

    Nice work and slim, solid legs you got there!
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome home! Still can go faster, haha
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    AAAAHHH!!! My 2 year old won't eat his fucking dinner!!!

    LOL I was a fussy eater as a little kid myself.
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    The move

    I am from AR as well so now this is our new home!
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    Move completed

    LOL thought I was banned too haha till I refreshed the page and logged in... Seems the rest of the old AR crowd will find their way here :) In some cases users will have to clear their cache to be able to login.
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    New ownership

    Liking the simple layout...nice and clean! Looks like the board's going to be going places now so looking forward to an exciting future.
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    Recent Drama.

    Rather than dragging shit thru mud.. Agreed, lets stop with all this drama and make this a drama free board and not start shit on a rival forum.
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    Another bust.

    Yup, most likely juicehead cops will pinch them for their own use. Most likely draw off the gear and put oil in its place. Bet every major steroid bust officers pinch the gear...
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    Happy new year

    Happy new year so keep the rush on!