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    Stack for Female fat loss

    Coming from someone who was on Ambien for 12 years, the prescription is a short term solution. In the long run with will cause you to sleep less. I havent taken one in amost a year and my sleep has gone from 4 hours a night to 6-7. Your best bet is to kick the prescription to the curb. It will...
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    Tren Bloat?

    I'm the same way, just the way my body reacts to Tren Ace. I tried Tren E later on down the road and didnt have any of the same issues.
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    Ostarine healing with AC Joint Issues

    I blast and cruise. Currently been cruising for awhile. I take it a mini pct isnt needed then?
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    Ostarine healing with AC Joint Issues

    I've read about ostarine's healing abilities with ligaments. My question is would ostarine be helpful with soreness and fluid in the AC joint?