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    Injectable SR9009 / LGD sources - Shipping sarms to Australia

    I'm interested in SR9009 particularly and wanted to source an injectable version. Swiss chems is the only site that seems to offer injectable sarms, that I was able to find. Is it a reliable source? Can I use a company like to forward to an Australian address? The company states...
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    Critique two cycles

    I have two friends that are sourcing steroids right now and they will do it with or without my assistance but have agreed to follow guidelines that I find from here. Friend 1 Wants to do a cycle of T-Bol and I've suggested 250mg of Test a week. Is overweight but regular trainer and a...
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    LGD / MK cycle, mid cycle blood work

    A friend of mine is towards the end of his cycle running LGD and MK He is running 25mgs/d MK677 And below is how he did the LGD He started 2.5mg/d for 2 weeks 5mg/d for 2 weeks 7.5mg/d for 2 weeks and has been on 10mg/d for 4 weeks His test levels are a little concerning, see attached for...
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    LGD and MK677 cycle

    lgd 2.5mg 14 days 5mg 14days 10mg 28 days 20 mg 28 days 84 day cycle 25mgs/ml 84 days Mk 25mg/d 84 day cycle clomid 50mg/d for 2 weeks 25mg/d for 2 weeks nolvadex 40mg for 2 weeks 20mgs for 2 weeks A friend would like to get blood tests pre, mid, post and then post pct Wanted to know...
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    deca / npp / proviron / primobolon only cycles

    I'm sure the topic has been discussed to death, and rather than just getting a bunch of replies denouncing the claim, I would like some actual supported research / studies about running these cycles without test I've watched all of gimelli's videos and read all of the current theory about...
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    Proviron first cycle

    So my friend, it really is not me, was wanting to go on trt as his testosterone is slightly on the lower side. His results are below: Ref. Range Total Testosterone: 17.7 nmol/L (8.3-30.2) Sex Hormone Binding...