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    How to use RAD140: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good video Dylan, straight to the point. I've been off sarms for quite a while - what about PCT for a RAD140 cycle?
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    Androgen receptor density Questions.

    L carnitine is alleged to increase androgen receptor density but I've never came across any real world proof.
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    Low testosterone 36 yr old male

    That's a very high TRT dose bro, you will need regular bloodwork whatever amount you run. I'm not on TRT myself but I would have thought that test cyp was a better bet than Sustanon.
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    testosterone enanthate

    This is complete madness and you should stop right now and get a full blood panel. How old are you anyway?
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    Sarms and pre-workout

    I would still take a pre-workout but then again I'm addicted to them anyway lol.
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    DHT orals and hair loss

    I cunningly went bald before trying any orals.
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    test e dosage

    Plenty of people have made great gains on 250mg a week so why don't you try 125mg twice a week and forget this every five day nonsense.
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    We have a new IWGF Rep! Welcome Cbbram!

    Congratulations bro, good luck. I'm sure you won't need it though!
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    Small testicles

    What steroids were you on for 6 months exactly, names and amounts.
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    First cycle on SARMS - how does it look?

    That's what we call it in the UK too - unless you're very posh, when you'd probably say something like 'coke-ah cole-ah'!
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    Belle The New Kid Cycle Log

    Trust the mirror not the meter.
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    Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

    I think you need to just follow the advice and stop arguing bro.
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    Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

    I wouldn't stop at 2 weeks of PCT if I were you, I'd stick to 4 weeks PCT then wait another 4 weeks before I ran any anything else.
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    Npp prop and headaches

    You may have aggravated the blood vessels at the back of your head, if so it can take a while for your body to adjust back to normal but in the meantime it won't take much to set the throbbing off again even if your bp is reducing.
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    Rad 140 review

    Thanks for that, as you are already an experienced powerlifter it makes your results all the more meaningful. How much did you take each day? Any thoughts as to why your deadlift didn't increase as much as squat and bench?
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    First cycle

    i expect it's someone like Nick's Strength and Power (or whatever he calls himself these days) who has never actually tried sarms not that it stops him from trying to pretend he's an authority on the subject.
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    Very wise bro, you'll do well with an attitude like this.
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    First cycle

    Believe it or not 30mg a day RAD equates to nearly 400mg a week test, but with much less sides so try it out.
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    deca for hip joint pain

    I'm curious to hear any feedback on this myself.