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  1. 21infantry

    Sometimes simple is all you need

    Hey, guys been a while. Well anyways I didn't run a cycle for about seven months. Then decided to hop on the bicycle again. I faced the question what should I run. Well anyways I decided to keep it simple didn't feel like mixing and spending shit loads of cash. Well anyways I ran 600mg test and...
  2. 21infantry

    So I had a major injury!

    I play semi professional football in Romania. And two weeks ago severely fractured my tibula, so I've been on bed rest for the next six weeks can't walk etc. So ive been doing dumbell work in bed. This is the rub, I adjusted my calories to 2500 a day to prevent from getting fat and just to...
  3. 21infantry

    Woah Nelly abnormal results!

    So I decided to go on a mini cycle, 350 mg of sust, and 50mg of Winny for 8 weeks. Week 3 and I'm up 15 lbs and it's not water weight as I crushed my estrogen. Anybody got any insight? I was running 400/400 Test/Decca and didn't see these results in 14 weeks. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  4. 21infantry

    Balkan Winny!

    Hey, I know a few of the big cats in the past lived Balkan Winny. Wondering no if the quality is still top notch? Have the ability to pick up ten bucks on the cheap. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  5. 21infantry

    Novadex my only AI option at the moment!

    Okay got tons of the shit never needed it due to being a TRT guy. Always used Aramosin, but is scarce here at the moment and not able to source at the moment. So I'm using it as my TRT AI at the moment. I know not optimal but my only option. So 20mg a day sufficient, to keep estrogen at Bay. I...
  6. 21infantry


    3.5 months on now. 4IU a day, let me say one thing this stuff is starting to do amazing things. Being 40 I have had some stubborn fat areas and those are starting to melt away and my training and diet haven't really changed. I've had deep sleep for the first time in years. Loosing fat retaining...
  7. 21infantry

    Suprise, suprise

    So I am one of those unlucky guys who keep almost all my fat in my stomach area, I have been as low as 13.8% BF worked abs like crazy and still had a layer of fat and no abs pokeing through. Well guess what woke up today and I had my abs poking through, celebrated by running 45 minutes and by...
  8. 21infantry

    Thoughts on running T4 while on HGH

    I'm interested in the position sides on this and risk. I know it's popular to do. But what's the risk. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  9. 21infantry

    I'm so pumped for this last six weeks of this cycle!

    Took my last shot of decca last week I was at 400mg weekly along with 800mg of EQ. Now is the time for EQ to work it's magic, in the last few weeks I have become so vascular like never before I mean it's 24/7, starting to see separation and now this last six weeks adding Winstrol at 40mg. From...
  10. 21infantry

    General time frame of loosing water weight on decca?

    I just finished my last shot of decca this morning, at 400mg a week for 12 weeks, I still have 8 weeks left on my cycle of EQ and test. My question is for the last few weeks I've got a little bit of water retention from the decca I believe. How long does this water retention in your guys opinion...
  11. 21infantry

    Just got 400 cc of phizer hgh, 3 IUs a day how I dose.

    Keep on reading all kinds of crazy crap on how to dose it most prominent is 2 IU in the morning fasted and before training and 1 IU before bed, thoughts? Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  12. 21infantry

    My summer cycle

    Im currently running 400mg Cyp 400mg Decca 800mg EQ on week 7. Biggest cycle I have ever ran, it's starting to show, I'm so stoked I'm Fuller not really bigger yet but strength started to come on hit 315 on the bench for three today, I could barely hit 315 for one six weeks ago. I have a feeling...
  13. 21infantry

    Stacking TBol and Winstrol

    What was the recommended split 30/30mg. I know Dylan to talked about it but can't find it. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  14. 21infantry

    Summer Cycle!!!?

    Well summer is approaching and time to plan my summer run. My last run was a short 8 week blast of Test and Tren Ace that ended on the first of January. So I'm thinking of Stacking Test, Tren and EQ. There will be no orals and of course Dostinex and Aramosin as my AI's. Here is the plan 1-16...
  15. 21infantry

    Going under the knife, be out of the gym for four weeks!!

    Thinking of starting a cycle of 400mg test for 12 weeks the day before surgery. End goal is just to preserve muscle mass, not necessarily to make gains. If I can maintain my mass it will be successful cycle in my opinion. Any thought positive or negative, have I gone off my rocker? Sent from my...
  16. 21infantry

    Weird weight fluctuations.

    Let me make this short, I've been on a slow cut for the last 9 weeks lost about 6lbs of fat. Now here is the weird part, usually when you wake up your dry and a few lbs down on the scale for the last six weeks, I wake up and am about a 4lbs heavier. During the day no matter what I eat, I drop...
  17. 21infantry

    Damn, Tren did a number on my cholesterol

    285 at the end of the cycle, got some work to do. Looking through some threads this isn't abnormal but didn't expect it to be that high. It was 179 and my RBC was at 19.8, gave blood so now I should be good. But that Valhalla is some strong shit. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  18. 21infantry

    Drol at 25mg a day

    Been taking it for 14 days night right before bed. Feel great very little water retention up 7lbs. Full as can be, sometimes less is more. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  19. 21infantry

    Broke the news to the new GF on AAS use.

    Well when we first hooked up she asked me if I take Hormones. I didn't know much about her so of course I'm not going to reveal something of this nature without complete trust. So I replied I have in the past, currently no I am not. Well fast forward a few months we are separated for a period of...
  20. 21infantry

    Running Masteron

    My bro, gave me a vile of mastering, well I'm not below 10℅ so the aesthetic properties are kind of useless for me. But my question is since I've never ran it or really dove deep into the compound. Even around 13-14% I'm still going to get the muscle Harding properties and increased libido, I'm...