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  1. robthomas

    Amount of calories vs total weekly calorie count ?

    So lately I have been think about my calorie maintenance. So for me and my size I need to have a average of 2900 calories a day . I have cut down my work outs last month and will continue through this month to give my body the rest it has been asking for due to going hard over the years and last...
  2. robthomas

    Second blood work follow up after my last pct estrogen high still

    Hey guys last cycle was ended in may . Did The the isarms pct protocol as well .my estrogen came back high at 48 ref range 37 that was at the end of July post cycle bloods . So that led me do believe the aromasin I was taking in pct was not working because on cycle I was running arimedix on...
  3. robthomas

    Tom Brady is praised for his ageless diet but theres more help I think .

    I read endless articles about Tom Brady I personally think he is a beast and one of the greatest. But I do feel he learned awhile back that diet and training was what was going to keep him playing for many years past a lot of other guys . The guy shows no sign of slowing down and if you didn't...
  4. robthomas

    Tea that you recommend for all parts of life

    Hey Dylan I know your a big fan of all types of teas and was wondering if you can give some good recommendations on tea and we're to buy them . If I remember correctly you like good morning teas and mid and looking for a very good one to have before bed . It's Been a struggle falling asleep...
  5. robthomas

    Relationship and your gym life struggle

    Hey guys I kinda thought this be a cool thread to see how you all balance your love life's with being a true gym life guy if you live the life 24/7 such as I do ! We all know being fit being swole and living the diet life and training can to get big or maintain size are a very hard balance ...
  6. robthomas

    Dbol opinion/estrogen question

    Stats 5"7 height Normally 206lbs but down to 185 working to 11 %for my bulk cycle Bf 12% Age 34 Training 8 years Not on gear right now just mk677 Last cycle was test /deca 500/500 Aromasin ed at 25 Pct was isarms protocol I wanted to run dbol with my next cycle of...
  7. robthomas

    Joint pain pretty bad should I do month off

    Guys I'm been training hard for a good five years straight 6 days a week overall training eight years . So last winter I ran a cycle of test deca which went great and made clean gains and did the proper pct and made gains even after . I have had joint pain but now it seems to be pretty hard on...
  8. robthomas

    Fasting option I been playing with

    Guys can I at least drink a coffee with one Splenda in the morning and still be fasting ? Been trying to play more around with fasting I also trained shoulders and did 20 min of cardio in the morning when I woke up my last meal was 9 pm the night before that . So woke up went to gym at 9am and...
  9. robthomas

    Dbol but estrogen prone

    Hey guys I got dbol a few cycles back but never used it due to not feeling I needed it . So I feel I am estrogen prone based off of my pervious cycles experience . My estrogen for the most part has always been in check on cycle when I do blood work . In pct I had a light rebound I feel due to...
  10. robthomas

    Been off gear since may 28th I feel stronger ??

    Hey guys been off gear for a little and did the isarms pct . Just crazy to me how I never slowed down in the gym from my cycle ? I just don't know if I mentally stayed strong but my lifts are still way up and the scale hasn't gone up but I have upped my cardio and I'm hold my weight still . Feel...
  11. robthomas

    Is need to build muscles product mostly garbage ?

    I started out on evo forum but I almost can't even ready there shit anymore all they seem to do is push n2build muscles bullshit product . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. robthomas

    Joint pain any help

    Hey guys I have suffered from joint pain for awhile on and off such as shoulder elbow knee and arms like between wrist and elbow hurting . I do cycle on and off gear I'm more off gear then on gear . I run deca and test and when I do seems to help . Just wonder if there are a sarms that I can do...
  13. robthomas

    After pct what bloods should I check

    Hey guys I'm ready to do my after pct blood work . My pct ended in July so I want to get bloods done . I did do before and mid cycle bloods . But also was on a different forum at the time of cycle so I would like to know what you guys want me to get checked ? I already had my test and estrogen...
  14. robthomas

    Resting puffy nipple / peck

    Hey guys ended my pct about a month ago .my cycle I ran was test 500 deca 500 with arimedix and caber . Did before and mid bloods and estrogen before was 37 out of 39 and my mid bloods were 20 out of 39 . So I felt when I got on my cycle I really got my estrogen in check . Then after my last pin...
  15. robthomas

    Eq and donating blood

    My next cycle I was thinking of just keeping it simple . Test 400 eq 800 and aromasin so do you have to always donate blood when on eq ? I would think there is no way to tell or feel when your red blood count gets to the point we're you need to give blood . This would be a 3rd cycle for me last...
  16. robthomas

    Hgh source with good luck?

    Hey guys been wanted to start hgh but there seems to be just so many fakes with hgh . I have been currently using mk677 and it's been great but for a little more you can get a decent hgh it looks like . Im more after the anti aging side of it . So if you bros could send me to the right spot that...
  17. robthomas

    Dbol question with estrogen

    Hey bros start with my stats 5"7 ,206lbs , 11 %bf , 34 yrs old training 8 years . Second cycle last was test 500 deca 400 Ai-aromasin liquids 1ml eod caber-half ml eod . These products were bought before I was on isarms . So when I bought my second cycle I was given liquid dbol I left it out...
  18. robthomas


    I see a lot of labs selling b-12 what are some perks of running it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. robthomas

    Shout out titan td

    Guys the reps at titan on the board really made this easy for me bros . Everyone on the titan team was fast and made sure my wants and needs were met . I never had a doubt on the process it was fast simple and easy . This will be the first time using there gear and I hope it's as great as the...
  20. robthomas

    Blood work question ?

    Stats 34yrs ,206lbs , 11%bf ,5"7 Training 8 years and 7 years natural Ok guys my last pin from my test500 /deca 500 cycle ran caber aromasin . On may 25th then after that I waited 2 weeks then did the isarms pct protocol that was laid out . So on July 10 I got some blood work done but did...