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    Any good GH sources?

    I'm ready to jump on some GH. Some recommend recommended legit sources would be greatly appreciated!
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    Robo is legit

    I am 44. Here is my labs results prior to donating blood. Current cycle 300mg/wk test prop, 300mg/wk EQ, Winny 100mg/eod. Hemoglobin 17.7 Hematocrit 55.1 Estrogen 35 Free test 1045.4 Total test 2921.
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    Blast and cruise?

    Please help with a newbie question. I have been blasting and cruising for a year now. On cycle I was on 500mg/wk superT 400mg/wk tren and 300mg/wk deca. I'm now on 300mg/wk test prop 900mg/wk eq and 100mg/eod winny. My question is would this current cycle constitute as a cycle or could it be a...
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    My order with robolics went pretty smooth. Payment and items received all in the same week. Forum member/robolics rep Sayian was a huge help with my first order!
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    Test prop/winny/EQ dosing

    Please chime in with recommended dosing which would be greatly appreciated :) I'm 44 and have been blasting and cruising for the past year. 5'8 and 219 lbs. I've been bulking for 1 year and now ready to trim down.
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    Steroids transition to sarms

    I'm 44 and have been on my first cycle for a year. I have been blasting and cruising on test/tren/deca while on cycle and on supertest while crusing. I'm 5'9 and 218 lbs. I lost my supplier in honolulu and want to jump on sarm due to less side effects and reliability in getting my supplies...