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    Tren, GW and endurance?

    Hi all, hope every is doing great? Here is the scenario. I plan on a new cycle end of the year. Before everyone jumps on me for stats etc. I have been planning this for almost a year and have taken full advice from DG and Rick and it is all squared. My question is about the relative strength...
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    Pharm grade HGH cycle length

    Hi all. A hypothetical here. On the assumption one was able to get pharm grade hgh from someone who had a prescription but no longer uses it. And that one would be looking to use it for a long time for health, fat loss, and AAS support. How long could one run it. 3ui ed is a suggested dose. 35...
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    Dieting prep advice.

    Hi all. I need some advice for recipes to make egg whites ( 14 per day split into two meals) and tinned tuna ( 3 tins split into two meal) more palatable. Right not I want to cry when I see the meals. Carb cycling so one day it is only that and grilled chicken ( that is easy to eat) Help...
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    Giving blood on cycle-a recipient view?

    Hi all. I know that sometimes you need to give blood on cycle in order to reduce red blood count but as someone who likes to donate. Is there a medical reason why my "on cycle" blood would be bad for a recipient? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Transformation and picture morphing software

    Hi all. I want to blog my cycle and though it would be cool to take multiple photos and morph them to show progress. Any ideas on what to use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Long term AAS use

    Hi all, question here? I notice many of the seniors ( not age) here mention that they are on trt. My question is on if this was due to AAS use or AAS abuse or mistakes at a younger age. So if one was to follow all the rules to the letter: wait till the right age, wait till in the correct shape...
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    4th Cycle planning : Training, Diet and Supps: Please comment and advise

    Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I have in the past been asked to add more detail so here it goes: I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about a recomp cycle which I am planning. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding...
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    Melanotan and melanotan 2

    Hi all, anybody got some views on melanotan and melanotan 2? I am just finding conflicting views online..... thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recomp Diet and Training Comments

    Hi All, I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about the main part of a recomp cycle which is diet and training. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding macros and total calorific intake. How would be a good way to go about setting...
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    Lean clean super cycle?

    Hi all. Let me start by saying thanks for the great forum. Let me get down to the question. I am looking to plan ahead for a cycle next year. I am 34. 6'1. 205lb. Prob around 16% bf now. Working on being around 13/14 by the start. I want some guidance on the "best" possible lean clean slow gain...
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    General sarm questions wrt pct and bridge

    Hi all. I am about to start my pct. the cycle was a primo/test cycle which I was very happy with. Very clean gains. Cut fat. Good strength. I am finishing up with cardarine now before the pct starts. My question is as follows. Everything I have read a researched says keep with the cardarine...