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    Sarms source in EU?

    Hey guys im trying to get to sarmsx but its not working i dont know if the site is down. Can some1 provide a reputable source that ship in EU without problems in customs for sarms? Much appreciated!
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    PCT and blood help

    Hey guys, so im done with my cycle and bridging and i started my PCT as instructed, however the doctor insists on blasting another 10.000iu of HCG now and im really skeptical about it My last cycle was 500mg test E 300mg Npp 500iu of HCG and 4 ius of GH every week for a duration of 10 weeks...
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    first time blast n cruise

    hey guys, so this is actually my 4th cycle and its the first time i plan to blast and cruise. I am planning to compete, and i thought its better to stay "on" to skip the hormonal rollercoaster from getting on and off. also the time off wont be as much. Its my 5th competition just to clarify...