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    BPC 157 Protocol

    Just ordered some BPC 157 and TB 500 to help with my back injury (multiple tears and disc protrusions) i purchased 2 x 5mg bpc-157 and 6x 2mg TB 500. My tb 500 protocol would be adding 1ml bacteriostatic water to 2mg tb500 and injecting once a week. Can anyone suggest dosage protocol for BPC 157?
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    ALEX JONES Health Supplements GOOD OR BAD?

    I Tried Alex Jones 'super male vitality product' few years ago and had a positive experiance with the product. Anyone else tried any of his health supplemements??
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    Blood Results/ PRE CYCLE

    is my testosterone level low?
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    SarmsX vs Sarms1 Comparison

    I only used sarms1 previously, how does sarmsX compare to sarms1. Quality,Price, Delivery, customer service etc. I live in Sydney so safe delivery is vital.
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    Completed 8 week cycle on Mk2866 and GW, done blood work before cycle. Should i do post cycle blood test right away or wait a week ir so? Should i start pct right away or wait for blood test results?
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    I saw isarms video on youtube about Ostarine Mk-2866, I been researching the product because I want to try it for its healing properties as well as its ability to build lean muscle. I got a few questions for your about the product if you could answer them it would be much appreciated. - What's...