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  1. J

    MGP Still Around?

    Thin and his rep have always been great at communication and I've had an awesome experience with them for a multitude of orders, so I don't want this post to come off in a negative way towards them at all. But has any one heard from him? I know he's been in the middle of a restock, but...
  2. J

    MGP On Point

    Haven't posted in awhile because work has been crazy and I've been on prep for awhile, but I just wanted to take a second to give MGP a shout. I've used a whole lot of sources (both on and off this forum) and run pretty heavy cycles so I order frequently and can tell the difference between low...
  3. J

    Our domestic sources are [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91]

    Doesn't get any better than the domestic guys on this forum. I've used BGS, MGP, and now robo and have had great experiences with all. Always high quality product and shipping time is great. Typically get my orders in 2 days after payments and always have great communication from the reps. Keep...
  4. J

    Bold Ace

    Any of you domestic guys plan on making bold ace in the near future? I haven't seen it on any the domestic lists yet so was just curious. Thanks! Jmuscle
  5. J

    Advanced Opinions Only Please

    Hi all, I was just looking for advanced user opinions/advice on what my upcoming year is going to look like. I do welcome any opinions, but am pre-warning that there is insulin involved for those of us who are triggered by the word :D. I know many of the guys on here are very against, however...
  6. J

    Weightloss SARM

    Hi all, My wife is wanting to give SARMs a try. I did some research and liked the the stack that Dylan suggests and that many have used on here with great success. However, my wife said she wants to start small and that four different SARMs was too much right off the bat. Is there a stand alone...
  7. J

    T4 Source (Dom)

    Hi all, Having a difficult time finding any domestic T4. Plenty of T3 out there, but not what I'm looking for. Worst case scenario I'll use international. Can any reps or other members point me in the right direction? Muchos gracias, Jmuscle
  8. J

    Mk-677 vs CJC-1295+GHRP-6 as HGH Alternative

    Just researching all alternatives to HGH right now. It might come down to me just forking out the cash for GH, but having a hard time getting the wifes' approval haha. Any opinions are apprictaed, would love to hear from guys with experience with either and/or both!
  9. J

    Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? HGH

    The title pretty much says it all. When it comes to HGH, do the benefits outweigh the financial burden of HGH? I know there are alternative routes like utilizing Mk-677, but does it compare? My wallet would only allow for a generic brand GH, no Pharma grade unfortunately.
  10. J

    Source for HGH

    Trying to find quality HGH that's decently priced. Suggestions? Any personal experience is very welcomed! Thank you, Jmuscle
  11. J

    No Esther Products

    I'll be running TNE 50 for the first time and just using preworkout. My only question is how do I count it in addition with the test I'm already on? Example: I'm running 750mg EW, if I add in 100mg three times a week preowrkout am I really getting 1050 EW? Or do I not count it toward total...
  12. J

    BGS Success Again!

    Another successful BGS order! iwannagofaster answered all questions in a timely manner like always and order came in just a few days. Great prices, great customer service and great quality!
  13. J


    Placed my first ever domestic order through Iwannagofaster and was very pleased with the service. Was fast,efficient and discreet. Look forward to using the product and will definitely use in the future as long as everything goes well with the products.
  14. J

    Pharma Lady Shipping

    Don't think you'll find a faster international source. Order was shipped within a day of payment, made it through customs in an hour, and was at my door in a total of four days. Couldn't be happier with her service.
  15. J

    Real, Quality Anavar

    Hi all, I am looking for a new domestic anavar source for my wife. Anyone (preferably women) have experience with var from domestic sources on here? My biggest fear is ordering her Dbol in place of the var. She does her own cycle research, but I'm in charge of sources, which means it's my fault...
  16. J


    After researching for the last 6 months, I've decided to throw insulin into the mix. Can't afford GH at the levels I need to break through the next barrier, so I've decided to give the slin a run. I understand that dangers, but I've done my research and I'll be taking all the precautionary...
  17. J

    First International Order Complete

    I'll start off by saying that this was not only my first international order, but my first order in general outside of a local source. Started seeking out something new after getting ripped off for awhile and a recent move. All I can say was it was quick (even with a customs hiccup), customer...
  18. J

    International Shipping and Customs

    I'll start off by saying I am not new to AAS, but I am to international shipping. I have always gone old school and gotten from a local guy. However, due to a recent move, I started looking here for sources. Decided to go international with pharma lady because she had everything I needed with...
  19. J

    Clenbuterol and Women

    Hi, all. My wife wants to run clen, but after doing more digging I'm a little skeptical. I've read a few nasty stories, but also a lot of women talking about how they love it. Her and I have both used albuterol no problems in the past when getting ready for a show, but who I currently order...