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  1. stevesmi

    NapsGear AMA - Guy Cisternino : Episode 21: Keeping things on track

    time to get your logs going guys and gals
  2. stevesmi


    protein in a supplement is a scam so is all that other shit you mentioned. people who actually believe in any of that simply don't understand how our bodies work.
  3. stevesmi


    anything that converts or is a direct dht is gonna be most hard on the prostate keep cycles smart
  4. stevesmi

    Napsgear: Enantat 250: The Perfect Cycle Base. 50% Off Now!

    thanks napsgear for your great deals. 50% off is solid
  5. stevesmi

    Napsgear: Insulin Sensitivity: A Major Factor in Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

    the #1 way to increase insulin sensitivity is fasting and no post workout protein doesn't help other than that solid article
  6. stevesmi

    Important HCG question

    you still confused?
  7. stevesmi

    GW/LGD-3033 Cycle Update

    nice job, dylan is a whiz with sarms. would not trust anyone else aside him
  8. stevesmi

    Napsgear: How To Track Alcohol For Macros

    lol... i'm here! moderation is something i hope to talk about on future podcasts, its baloney!
  9. stevesmi

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on Nov 26, 2022...!

    napsgear on point once again
  10. stevesmi

    Prep for bodybuilding competition

    I do offer consults, drop me a PM. my prices are reasonable and i'm the guy you will be talking to voice to voice, not a copy/paste program that gets emailed to you.
  11. stevesmi

    Napsgear: BLACK FRIDAY SALE : Hilma Biocare 20% OFF

    20% off for black friday get it!
  12. stevesmi

    NapsGear.Org Special Offers/Discounts and Reviews

    nice pics, napsgear isn't just steroids. they've got everything else you may want or need on and off cycle
  13. stevesmi

    Video The Ultimate SARMS and Peptides Cutting Stack: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    you can get some serious results on this one
  14. stevesmi

    cycle between

    if you want to keep your HPTA fresh you need to wait as long as it takes to fully recover. could be 15+ weeks
  15. stevesmi

    Napsgear: The Best Warm-Up for Bench Press

    proper warmup can save you injuries
  16. stevesmi

    AAS Diaries From Napsgear

    nice job by James on this one. he is showing what its all about
  17. stevesmi

    Napsgear Supplier Super Deal: DEUS MEDICAL

    nice 25% off essentially!
  18. stevesmi

    Would like to ask your opinion about a cycle

    EQ does aromatize, but does it too slow where you won't need an AI if you stack test with it then yes use an AI