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    Cialis for preworkout

    24 y/o 6?0 175 pounds around 11% body fat. What is the typical optimal starting dosage of cialis daily for blood pressure/ pump. Mainly pump, blood pressure will just be nice towards end of cycle. Thanks
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    S4 S4S Question

    The website shows a picture of S4 at 50mg/ml and shows in the description 50mg/ml as wel. But when the bottle came it was only 20mg/ml just curious if anyone else also received 20mg/ml or if it was a misprint possibly. I reached out through email but haven?t heard anything yet so figured I?d ask...
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    Any good domestic ralox sources?

    Title says it.
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    S23 suppression

    With s23 being one of the most suppressive sarms it is necessary to run a test base with it or is it fine to be taken by itself? 24 y/o 6?0? 180lb about 10.5% bf. Not down to take testosterone yet so I wouldn?t take s23 if a test base is needed which is why I ask. Thanks in advance fellas
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    Cardarine as blood thinner?

    Is Cardarine a blood thinner at all? I ask because my wife is getting a breast augmentation and blood thinners are not supposed to be taken 10 days before surgery so I want to see if Cardarine has these effects at all or would be safe to continue using until maybe 2-3 days before surgery
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    MK677 and Rad140

    Quick question I’m already taking mk going on 3 minths now and just added in rad140 20mg this morning which I’ll run for 12 weeks, would it add any benefit to split the dosage 10mg and 10mg with the rad 140 since I already split 12.5mg and 12.5 with the mk?
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    MK677 Log w/ Rad140 starting week 4.

    Hey guys I’m gonna do another log with results and side effects of my cycle I’m beginning to run to give anyone on here who’s new to this an idea of what can be expected under similar circumstances. Cycle will be MK677 9-12 months. I’ll be adding Rad140 in from weeks 4-16 and then pct one month...
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    Mk677 carb intake

    What carb intake would y’all suggest while cycling mk677. 6’0 161 8% body fat 23 y/o. I heard moderate carb intake and high water intake but what would you considerate moderate 150-250?
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    Strongest appetite suppressants

    What are the strongest appetite suppressants that y’all have used? Please exclude clenbuterol and things of that sort
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    Domestic source for evista

    Are there any domestic sources for evista?
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    Long Head Tricep

    Best/Favorite exercises for long head mass and size?
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    My 12 week experience with SARMs cutting stack

    A little late but I just started my lean bulk stack of Sarms running LGD and S4 For 12 weeks, currently 8 days in. But I wanted to show everyone what sarms can do in just 12 weeks if you put in the work. Before my LGD stack I’m running now I ran GW, SR9009, MK2866 for 12 weeks and went from...
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    Sarms question

    About to run my second cycle of sarms. 23 y/o 6’0 164 10.5% body fat. I want to run a recomp cycle or an extremely lean bulk and was wondering the best 2 compounds to run together in this case. Was personally thinking lgd at 10mg 1-12 and s4 2x 50mg total daily. Any advice is appreciated
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    Pre Planned Cycle

    Trying to pre plan a sarms cycle for September since I’ll be finishing my cutting cycle in the first week of August and want to run a bulking cycle mid September but start ordering things now. Currently 11% body fat(goal is 8.5-9% by end of cycle) 170lb 22y/o 6’0”. Looking for a stack for...
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    Extreme Peptides

    What are the thoughts on have a buddy who swears by them and loves their clen. Anyone have experience with them?
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    Opinions on HGH Fragment 176-191

    Title says it all. Any opinions on this peptide? Has anyone used it and could share their results/thoughts if any. Thanks!
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    Does anybody have a reliable source for raloxifene ? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question about eSarms SR9009

    On the website the picture shows 20mg/mL and when I received the bottles they are labeled 10mg/mL already emailed them to ask but wanna know if anyone has already asked them and gotten an answer on the subject? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pubertal Gyno

    Hey guys curious what the protocol for type 1 pubertal gyno is and how long to run it for? Puffy nipples is all I have and have had it since puberty so know it wasn't from running anything and besides the only thing I've ran is legit sarms so wouldn't be a cause either way. Ive had 2 estrogen...
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    Quick cutting stack question

    On a 12 week cycle of Ostarine and 16 week of gw (4 are for pct)only 2 weeks in so far. If I want to add s4 or SR9009 into the stack for the remaining period which will work better for my goal of cutting/recomping if you had to choose one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk