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  1. MrClark518*

    Gym etiquette

    When someone is on a flat bench doin a set... keep your grubby little sausage links off his plates. Ask if he's using it before you try and steal it!!! Most likely he chased down what he needed and set his bench up for his Pyramids!! RANT OVER!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MrClark518*

    Titan research review

    To all the newbies and or people looking to use another source.. I started off with Titan's rep asking for a list. We all know he is. Definitely one of my favorite top 3 reps. Very fast response, every time. After I got the list I sent in my order. I didn't hear from Titan for about maybe 4-7...
  3. MrClark518*

    VALHALLA does it again!!!

    I'm always bragging about NY and missNY.. there's a good reason.. not only is VALHALLA top notch gear, and the customer service above and beyond.. but what they do for this family is unbelievable!! This is twice in a row they treated me like Royalty! I honestly can't say enough good things about...