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    Thank u Thin D!

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    How much everybody here like Sons Of Anarchy?

    I'm curious on how much u guys like this show? Thanks Sarala Flex Friday is everyday!
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    I invite pussies to come talk to me ok

    Jealousy and can only dream to have my life. Trust me. Come confront me. Sara
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    Saralas closing review on SARMS

    I'm pretty satisfied with the goals I have achieved with the help of SARMS. I have to say this to the non believer before u blame SARMS check your procedure and lifestyle. There is no magic pills out there you still have to put in the efforts. Diet and training. I take it as a compliment now...
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    RANT: Happy Father's day .....and I got some dad's eye split open bleeding :-(

    I had a heavy shoulder day and I was only last exercise so I used the easy Life fitness shoulder press machine (as pictured). Well I planned to go up to 4 plates on each side. But some fool who I don't know tried to hold up the counter weight as I was on my second set (which was pretty light). I...
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    Sarala's 9.5 th week review

    Hi all, A bit late here. But I'm back with full strength and more. Several changes that I haven't seen before. I grow a full inch arm circumference (this is huge for my 5'3 height), shoulder caps, my jaw muscles tho ahahahahah make my face rounder,; lower body soleus and outer thigh muscles...
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    Sarala's 8th week review

    Hi there, Because I was forced to take week7 off from the gym, I have been incorporating slow cardio in week 8. I have also decreased my caloric intake around 200 to 300 cal a day. I'm now sitting at 146 a little bit lighter (2 lbs in a week for my 5'3 frame) and have not checked my bf, (you'll...
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    Sarala's calorie free breakfast this morning

    Playing catch up and doing it the most. [emoji6][emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sarala's 7th week review.................cold made me crazy

    You can only plan all you want but life throw you a curve ball. I've spent the last 5 days sick of cold I got from the lady across my office. Arghh. Out of the gym for 5 days. The good news is before I got sick, I was at 148 (the heaviest I've been on this first cycle). As my head keep saying...
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    Sarala's 6 weeks update on first time SARMS usage

    Sarala's week 6 progress……sarms got me marriage proposals lol…...........jk So the biggest change this week was Size. And where I put on my size. My week 6 ends tomorrow. I went up 2 clothing sizes and except the waist went the other direction. Shoulders and thighs are most noticeable...
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    Got a new Tattoo! .....accidentally

    "Ivanko" ;-p
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    Sarala's 5 weeks update on first time SARMS usage

    Here we go, The fifth week has been the most changing for me and it felt like the change happened overnight. Before: 11.5, ---I am now in 10.1BF lean. Keeping all factors the same (no diet down, same workout routines). Before: 148 lbs, ---I am now at 145 lbs though. Before: 85% regular...
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    Sarala's 4-week-old arms update

    I noticed a huge change in the last 3 days, I'm getting a pretty long term pump; my upper body is just stiff. Especially after upper body exercises. Noticeably hardening of muscles. SR has been a great help. Thinning out the skin around lower abs. My gluteus medium and external obliques are...
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    UPDATE: 3 Weeks on my first SARMS (female 37y.o)

    SOOOOOO, I have lost 1% fat without a diet down (1300 cal/day). Im fairly disciplined when it comes to clean diet all year round (1900 cal/day). I have been trying to gain up to 150, 10% lean just like on anavar. The first 2 wks I took triple stack, added SR9009 3rd week. Line definitions are...
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    Day 3 SARMS- (female 37 y.o)

    So yesterday was day 3. Which one of the Sarms giving me endurance? S4, MK2866 or GW 501516?? At the same weight (80% of max) Total exercises: Before: 16 at 4 sets each (5 to 8 reps) After: 20 at 7 sets each with the exception of deadlift (20sets) same reps. I didn't have anything in me...
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    Got my SARMS! (female 37yo)

    I'm just excited. Although Im not sure if I have to split dosage. From what I read, I need: Ostarine MK-2866 (12.5mgs) Cardarine GW-501516 (20mgs) Andarine (S-4) (12.5mgs) Anybody correct me if I'm wrong please thanks sarala
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    Female (37yo) thinking about using Winstrol for the first time.

    Hi All, Sarala here. Newbie to the forum. Have been lifting and competed in the past (no gear). I'm 5'4 currently at 140lbs, I am in shape all year around, always watch what I eat. When I say I'm in shape, you know, visible abs. Work out 4-5 times a week. Last year I tried Anavar for the very...