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  1. shanehawk

    Post injection pain and swelling

    Hey guys it’s been two days after I pined Ventro Gluteal and have never had any problems but I might have pined to far out this time and now it’s hard to even sit walk or do anything and Im in pain all the time. Now my glute is really swollen, inflamed, and feels hard from my other glute. Can’t...
  2. shanehawk

    Real or fake

    Hey guys so I came across some gear and the oil is super super thin. Tren ace and test prop. The test is super clear as well. Just want to get advice on if my source used a different oil to make it thinner. I’m using a 25 gauge and it comes out super quick. I’ve never had that before. I bought...
  3. shanehawk

    Flying out of the country

    Hey guys so I’m mid cycle right now 4 weeks in and about to hit my last 4 weeks but I just now had to take an unexpected flight to the Philippines on March 11. I just need a little advice what to do? Has anyone been able to take a pct out of the country? And how? Or should I extend my cycle...