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    What do you think about this fat loss stack?

    42 years old 17.5% bf (Dexa) 5 previous cycles with Sarms, always from the company’s recommended on this site. Goal; hoping to drop to 12-14 % BF, Looking to stay away from any suppression. GW-0742 SR 9011 S4 ** I would like to purchase everything from Sarm4Sale, as I’ve used there products...
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    Quick Blood work Question

    I have an appointment to have bloodwork done at 10:15am… was wondering if the numbers would be skewed if I do my normal workout before hand? thank in advance Manny
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    Blood Work W/ Low T results, Mini PCT or more Aggressive?

    Hey Dylan and members Stats: 41, 195lbs, 12-15%bf 3 Sarms only cycles, never any Steroids Just finished 12 weeks of (sarms4sale) Rad140 GW50156 S4 Osterine LGD Sr9009 (only 6 weeks, was going to use it 6 more in PCT) First big mistake was not getting pre-blood work done. NY...
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    Question and Thanks

    Just wanted to start off by thanking Dylan and the senior membership of this site. I?ve always trusted the boards source for SARMs for the last few years and never have been let down. The customer service from Sarms4sale is amazing and the results I?ve been getting so far are truly great...
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    Quick question about Sarms Absorbtion

    Morning Gents; What’s the best way to consume Liquid Sarms? -Back of the throat, then drink some water? -Back of the throat and wait a bit to drink anything? -Back of the throat and chase it down with some grapefruit juice?
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    Sarms (Enhanced Super Stack) for increased endurance and bf loss, w/blood work

    Good Morning Dylan and Gents, I have a few questions regarding a Sarms Stack. Goal:Increased cardiovascular/endurance shape, with a loss in body fat. Its of the utmost importance for me to be in good cardio shape for my job in the fire service, I also still play organized competitve team...
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    introducing myself and asking a few questions

    Good day folks, I was doing a search on 1-AD, just cause I remember back in the days, people saying they were seeing good results from it. So low and behold, SARMS pops up in the search tool. To be honest, Ive never heard of SARMS. I have 9 years of Public Safety Service, so the idea of getting...