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  1. J

    Second week of test cycle problems

    So I have just completed the second week of Test-E 350mg/wk. I am definitely adding weight, however, it may seem as tho I am adding more fat than muscle. Additionally, my dick stopped working and my face is holding a lot of water which make me think my estrogen is too high. I did not buy an...
  2. J

    Jaw pain after injection

    Just pinned for the second time. First was in the quad. This time i pinned in the shoulder and I now have soreness in my jaw on the side i injected. It has been about 3 hours now... Is this of concern? Test-E 400mg/ml. .4ml was injected.
  3. J

    Pain after first injection

    Ok... So I had my first injection on Saturday. I injected into the outer portion of my thigh about half way up like a lot of videos have shown. Test E 400 was injected and .4ml Drew with a 22g and pinned with a 25g 1 inch. Injected slowly and gently massaged the area after. My leg has been...
  4. J

    First cycle - Tri Test

    Would running tri test (Test dec -200mg, Test c-100mg, and Test e-100mg) at 400mg/week for 12 weeks be good for a first cycle? 26 YO with 6+ years of training. 6ft, 170, 12%bf. Want to increase my strength as much as possible with putting on as little weight as possible. Would like to stay...
  5. J

    First Cycle Test

    Gents/ladies, I am fully committed to running my first cycle. 26 YO with 6+ years of training. As you all have probably felt before your first cycles, I am nervous about the gear going into my body. I have done as much research as I could in the past two years before fully committing to...