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    Win injection

    I am coming upto my last 6 weeks of my blast. Currently on cyp,primo, and Eq. Going to be starting win injections monday, what is the recommended dose? 1cc EOD?
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    Dylan gemelli and other Some advice on next blast if possible

    35 yo 186lbs 5'10 12% bf. Thanks to Dylan's advice on my last blast. Last blast was, Cyp 200/ml 400mg a week Primo 100/ml 1.5 cc 3x week Win 1cc eod for last 6 weeks 14 week cycle total Had good gains but not what I expected. I think the Primo was bad quality but I have resolved that going...
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    Little help please

    I think i might have made a mistake and got product from someone i know local do to being scared of dealing with shipping. Has anyone heard good or bad about best labs ltd? Been watching dylan for a long time and should have went with one of the people i this section but now i have it and i need...
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    Next cycle dosing? To low? Primo,eq,cyp

    I am going to be running cyp at 300mg, eq at 400mg and primo at 300mg a week. This is my first time using eq or primo but in dylan gemelli's video he recommends a hight dose for the eq and primo. Hope he chimes in but all advice is welcome
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    Labs coming up

    I am seeing my trt Doctor for labs soon. My question is how long before I see her should I return to my prescribed dose so my levels are not crazy high? My prescribed dose is .75cc a week of cyp and I have been taking 1.5cc. Also does winstrol and or tren cause higher testosterone levels on...
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    Injection issues winny

    Every other injection with Winstrol my needle gets clogged. I use a separate 21 gauge to draw and then a 23 gauge to inject. I've tried the 21 gauge also for injection and that clogs too. I make sure I shake the he'll out of the bottle b4. It is human grade. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the...
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    New Member

    been watching Dylans vids for a long time. Just wanted to interduce myself. I started back in the gym in december, I was 225lbs 24%bf. im down to 182 and 13%bf. im 33 and 5'10.e my current stack is cyp 300mg wk, Tren 225mg wk, win 50mg ED( started 14days ago, and just started EQ at 600mg wk...