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  1. Clover80

    Adex dosage

    Started a new cycle yesterday Test prop 100mg eod 1-8 Tren a 100 mg eod 1-8 Var 50mg a day 1-6 Caber .25 e3d And I have a bottle of liquid adex from last year I never used I thought it was aromasin but I was wrong so im stuck with it looking for dosing suggestions I don’t get blood work until...
  2. Clover80

    Cialis pre workout for extra pump?

    So you guys are usually spot on with the info I’ve gotten from you in the past year but this is a weird one I heard from one of the guys at my gym this morning he takes 5mg cialis an hour before workout. He says he gets insane pumps from it. Now he’s already midcycle right now on test and deca...
  3. Clover80

    Winter bulk cycle advice

    What’s going on everyone getting ready in a few weeks to do a winter bulk. I have a few compounds on hand right now I have access to anything but would like to build off what I have if possible. Stats at the moment are 42 years old 5’10 13% bf sitting at 212lbs I have on hand right now 3...
  4. Clover80

    Sarms bridge between cycles

    What’s up fellas. First off wanna say thank you for everyone’s sound advice for my last cycle this with all the set up and info this has been one of my most productive cycles in a long time. I’m over 3 weeks into pct and haven’t lost any gains and only a minimal amount of strength which is...
  5. Clover80

    Pct advice

    What’s up again fellas just a quick question. About to start pct next week and with Dylan’s advice I’m adding a few things to my pct I normally don’t do. 20mg gw card ed 25mg mk ed 12.5 aromasin eod And my normal clomid 50/50/25/25 Nolva 40/40/20/20 Now I usually wait 2 half life’s when using...
  6. Clover80


    What’s going on fellas need some help. On my 4th week of a test p,tren a, tbol cycle. Everything has been going great. Lost 2% bf and packed on some nice lean quality muscle. This week though I have had horrible lower back pumps. Like completely debilitating to the point where I can do any deads...
  7. Clover80

    Cycle advice?

    What up guys brand new to the forum. Getting my next cycle ready looking for a little advice. My stats 42 years old 5’10 205lbs 17%bf 6 day a week lifting push,pull,legs repeat Cardio 5 days a week is incline speed walking So I have done over a dozen cycles and started using aas when I was...