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    Aromasin for High Estradiol

    So I've been natty for a little while now, no cycle of anything but I've noticed some symptoms of high estrogen. I got a blood test done for free and total test and estradiol. Results are: Free Test 86.2 pgml (range 46-224 pgml), Total Test 760 ngdl (range 250-827), Estradiol 55 pgml (range <=...
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    Ostarine and Clomid Bloodwork

    So I did an ostarine only cycle for a couple of months and here are my pre and post bloodworks for test and e2. Other hormones and cholesterol were normal throughout the process. Pre Total test - 545 Estradiol - 40 Post Total test - 302 Estradiol - 38 I then went on the recommended PCT which...
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    Pre cycle blood work

    I'm looking to start my first sarms cycle and I just got my pre-cycle blood work done. My estradiol is on the higher end and my LH is on the lower end. Are there any precautions I should take? Should I maybe look into taking something to get these levels into a more normal range? Age - 34 HT -...
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    Best SARMS for building more muscle and burning more fat?

    Hello, new member here. Below is some personal info Age - 34 HT - 6'0 WT - 195 lbs BF% - 18% Goals - Less body fat more muscle. I want to stay around the same weight (maybe a little more) Cycle history - Never used a ped before. The hardest thing I've done is creatine lol I'm looking into...