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    eq + test C cycle

    Planning on running a cycle for 16 weeks, mixing EQ and Test C. 500 test, 700eq. I usually pin test C e5d. My question is how I should approach EQ, can I get away with pinning it e5d along with test C, or should I go closer to 2 or even 3 times a week. Ive done some searhing on the webb, and...
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    First SARM cycle

    Hello, im a fairly big guy, trained for 11 years and been cycling mostly test/deca, tried out different compounds such as tren, tbol, dbol, anadrol, over the 6-7 years ive been on/off gear. But in the last 3 years I fell back to test/deca, it just felt best for me. Im getting older and the...
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    Cutting Stacks

    How much is that cutting-stack gonna end up at, $?
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    First Time Cycle Help Please

    "Weight - Around 110kg - I have quite bit of muscle mass on me, but I am also not lean - Id guess around 15% atm." if youre 6ft 110kg and 15bf, dude. Then u are fucking huge. For a natural lifter, thats insane. You sure about the 15%? Im 6'1, 93kg 10-12%. And im considered to be in great...
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    Cycle advice

    They are probably worse inside than what you can see from the outside. And the risks increases, doesnt mean that youre gonna die because you juice over 30% bf. And on top of that im pretty sure world athletes have coaches in every kind of way that helps them out, doctors and all kinds of shit...
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    Cycle advice

    6’2 261lbs and maintaining on 2,4k calories while working out? Sorry bro but theres just no chance in hell. Thats about what my 130 pound girlfriend maintaines on while working out.
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    Serious question. Will Clen help me lose muscle?

    Trying to lose muscles? Sorry bro, clen isnt what ur looking for. Its a psychologist.
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    My first cycle

    Looks like this: w 1-12 Testo 312.5mg (1.25ml) e5d w 1-18 Aromasin 12.5 mg EOD w 11-14 HCG 1000 ius /week PCT w15-18 clomid 50/50/25/25 ED nolva 40/20/20/20 ED But my main question was how to approach the cut that follows. Really wanna shred down to the summer aswell :)
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    My first cycle

    Hello. Starting my first cycle after new years. Going with Test E + aromasin. aswell as hcg and all the other PCT-stuff. (Got all this figured out) But Id really like to shred down to the summer, is it a bad idea to either end my "first" cycle with winstrol or to do a clen cycle afterwards? Are...
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    Newbie needs clarification

    Hello, im a new fish. Ive been working out for about 4 years now and ive decided to try Test E 250/e5d as my first cycle. stats: 25+ 6'1 ~200lbs ~15% bf 2 Questions. 1. I've read a bit and some newbies are starting out with 500mg the first 2 sticks. Is that a good idéa or should I go with 250...