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    Bulk Buying

    Hey guys, It seemed kind of challenging to reach out to all the sources individually. I would like to know if any of the sources offer bulk buying and discounts associated with it. B.A.
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    Modafinil Protocol

    Hey guys, Wanted to know if anyone of you have a particular protocol you use for Modafinil or just go based on how you feel. Suggestions and thoughts?
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    first Sarm cycle suggestions

    Hey guys, Its been some time I've been on here. Good to be back. I'm interested in a simple but very effective first sarm cycle (cost efficient if possible), something along the lines of gaining some lean mass with some strength. What SARMS and their dosages would you suggest and the duration to...
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    Hyaluronic acid

    Hey guys, have any of you used hyaluronic acid for increased muscle size?
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    TRT and Prostate cancer

    Hey guys, I need someone knowledgeable to explain the risks of TRT and the increase chance of developing prostate cancer in men greater than their 40's, and the steps involved in reducing the chances. Also, the blood tests that needs to be done and anything along those lines to monitoring...
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    Modafinil Review anyone?

    Hey guys, Hope all the bros out there are doing well. I was hoping to get an updated modafinil review from PL Please share away, include some pictures if you have any.
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Pharma Lady

    Hey guys, wanted to get some feedback on these two. I got a price list from PL and wanted to know which do you prefer. I noticed biotech to be cheaper than the other. Is it one of those you get what you pay for situations? To be fully honest the only thing I'm interested in getting is the...
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    So I see a lot of people have different opinions on aspirating. Although I'm still natty I don't see why you shouldn't do it, better be safe than sorry. What I don't see much people talking about is, if you do aspirate and draw blood, what do you do? do you try to get rid of the blood in the...
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    Shelf life of testosterone

    I've been looking for this answer a while now and can't seem to find it. What is the shelf life of testosterone?
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    Has anyone every used these sites or heard of them?

    I guess the title says it all. Anyone ever used these sites or heard of them? They tend to have a good review online but that can be easily rigged so I'll always be a bit skeptical. Looking forward to the input.
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    International Shipping

    Hello All, I'd like to keep this as brief as possible. I see many sources on the forums with great reviews. However, Do they cater for international shipping? I ask this simply because I DO NOT trust the dealers in my country and they lack of knowledge tends to scare me. I usually try to gauge...
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    500mg TEST per week...forever?

    Hello Dylan, I've been watching your videos for some time now, always great content. I've been trying to find out how long one can use 400-600 mg Test/week and still see results. Meaning getting the most out of just one compound without having to add another, while still cycling the compound...