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    Scavanger contest

    It's time for another picture contest, i will give you a list of things and you get a point for each one of these things you can fit in to a picture, the 2 winners will receive first place $200 store credit second place $150 store credit 1) something you built 2) something you broke 3)...
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    A thread about the taboo and dangerous

    I have been seeing this a lot here lately, there are just some things you shouldn't run unless you have a good reason to run them, I can't even think of a good reason to run some of them but in any case they should not be taken lightly. Hopefully we can keep this thread going for a little while...
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    The $4 vial of test

    Often members of one of the other forums will send us an email asking for some free stuff, either to run a log, sponsor them in a show or just because they got tons of juice head friends and own a gym and they are also a personal trainer so it could be great for business, or so they tell me...
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    Scam site chinese clone site

    I guess I forgot to post this here but it's pretty important that I put it out there. WE found this website that cloned our product list from about a year ago, along with the pictures and a few other things. They do have a superior website designer but if you read thru it a little you can see...
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    Bitcoin disadvantages

    I will also address some of the negative worries that have been brought up about bitcoin and why they really are not relevant to the type of business we do. 1. Bitcoins Are Not Widely Accepted- this does not matter, our customers typically buy them and send them straight to us so that may...
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    I figured it's time to try a give away contest, IF we get some participation we will do them a little more often. For this one just post a pic of your favorite wife/girlfriend with your favorite pet, WE will keep the contest going until Monday night 8pm eastern or right around there. winners...