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    Training during Off cycle /PCT

    I am vegetarian experienced user ht 5.9 wt 189.6 recently completed my cycle test 300mg deca 300 mg x 9 weeks Dianabol 12.5mg x 7 weeks Ending cycle with test propionate 100mg eod with Npp 100mg eod I was 173 lb with BF 15% when I started the cycle ended with wt 189.6 with 16.2 Bf. My...
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    Advice regarding Test Deca Dianabol cycle

    I am 5.9 wt 186 lb, bf 16%. Am vegetarian. No meat, eggs, fish. Only veggies and whey. Hv previous experience of steriods for past 5 yrs. Last cycle was in dec 2018 test 300 x 12 tren acetate 75mg x 6 wk, primo 800mg x12 wk. Currenly am running deca 300, test 300 × 12 weeks dianabol 12.5 mg...