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    Sarms stack

    Hey guys. I want to run a 12 week stack of osterine, Lgd-4033, and Andarine. I was just curious if anyone here has ran this stack and what dosage they recommend. Also I heard the S4 has a short half life and may need to dose twice a day. Any thoughts? Appreciate it.
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    Hey guys. I heard by word of mouth from a friend that has been re-opened and are selling sarms domestically again. I purchased from them a little under a year ago before they shut down and was very pleased with a lot of their products. But before I jump the gun I wanted to bring the...
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    Need esarms testolone(rad140) review

    Hey guys wanted to try a 12 week testolone cycle soon from esarms but I wanted to hear about someone’s experience with it first
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    Length between sarm cycle

    Hey guys. I’m in week 10 of a 12 week osterine and and cardarine stack while also adding stenabolic for the final 4 weeks (running everything 1 mL a day). I bought everything off of esarms and have been satisfied with the product but I want to get back on rad140 as soon as possible (I prefer...
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    Diet and cheat days

    Hey guys. I’ve starting running myself at a 500 calorie deficit this week. I was curious about your guys thoughts on one cheat day a week. Is this permitted or is it mandatory? If so then can I just pig out on whatever I want that day? Or should I at least try and hold it together a little bit...
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    Diet and cardarine

    About to start a 12 week rad140 ostarine and cardarine stack next week. Im 6’0 188 With an average metabolism and a maintenance of 3,000 calories a day. I was planning a 500 calorie deficit while on this stack. (300g protein/ 200g carb/ 55g fats) Does this macro plan sound like a good idea with...
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    Sarms stack with M1 Mk

    Hey guys. I bought an osterine and cardarine stack from esarms that I’m getting ready to start this next month. After a little thinking i also want to run their rad140 with my stack as well. So my question is will I need to take a higher dose of M1Mk if I add the rad140 to the mix? Or will the...
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    Hey guys. Been planning today on buying from esarms. Was originally gonna just do an 8 week cut stack. Now I’m leaning more towards 12 after some recommendations. With the MK and GW come bottles of cardazol and m1-mk in tablets. Can anyone explain to me what these are and are their importance...
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    Length between osterine cycles

    Just wrapped up a 10 week stack of MK and LGD about a week ago. Wanted to do another stack of MK and rad140 this summer. Just curious as to how long I should give myself before starting another cycle