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    Histamine intolerance? Rash? Need advice. Diet and bulking

    Hello fellow iron beasts. A couple of years ago I tried a few cycles and was enthusiastic about it and thought that I have done it correctly BUT then I noticed several issues which made me concerned, I got rash on my whole body, plus the other usual side effects that were toleratebale(which...
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    Warning to newbies, my side effects

    Hello guys, I wanna share my side effects and experience with steroids so YOU don't do the same mistake. I was very skinny and I started dbol and test (low dose) which made me gain 5kg. Then went to anadrol and sustanon and gained 7kg(low dose). Then greed hit me when I saw fast results in a...
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    Ramadan and fasting?

    Hello guys, you probably have an idea that Muslim people fast during the month of Ramadan. So I wanna ask what is the best possible plan for this month as I still need to train and eat. Fasting starts from around 4am till 7pm. I am on my last week of PCT and will stop steroids for a while...
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    Steroid cycle protection, bulking

    Guys what steroids can I stack which will be sufficient for 2 months maximum for bulking and the protection needed while using the cycle? The dosage of the cycle and the protection and if a pct is needed what is the recommended dosage. Please tell me what's a good dosage but I don't want to go...
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    Post cycle therapy advice

    Hello guys, wanna ask about pct. should it be done after every steroid cycle or only when we decide to stop taking steroids? And does the dosage and time vary depending on the cycle used?
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    Bulking steroids

    Hello Dylan, I am 173cm tall with 4%body fat and my current weight is 65kg where 37kg is muscle. I've went with cycles of dianabol and test for my first cycle then to anaplon with test for my second cycle and deca with dianabol with sestanon for my third. All with low doses which has been a year...
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    First Steroid cycle advice please?

    Hello Dylan, I am a fan and a subscriber to your youtube channels and really learned a lot from you so thank you so much for these videos. I do have questions I'd like you to advice me with if you may. First of all I am 22 years old and my height is 174cm. I started working out a year ago but...