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    S4/Rad 140 or S4/LGD 4033 for my goal

    Currently about 11-13% bodyfat so fairly lean, just want to kick my vascularity up a notch and heard S4 was great for this. With that said, would it be better to stack this with rad 140 or LGD 4033. I want to lean up a little bit more and maintain/increase my strength, hopefully to gain some...
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    Opinions on SARMS cycle [Strong Recomping]

    21, currently 6'2 and 202 pounds (around 12-13% bf) and want to gain more lean and dry muscle (primary goal) while losing some of this stubborn lower belly fat (not very noticeable but it's there). I recently started my second SARMS cycle as follows: 20mg RAD140 ED 25mg mk2886 ED 10mg GW...
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    First SARMS cycle (Age 21)

    Hello forum members. After months of research, thoughts, and consideration, I've decided to jump on a SARMS cycle. I've been lifting naturally for 2 and a half years now and want to break a few more walls. I'm 6'2" 195 lbs (12% bodyfat) currently. How does this cycle look for a recomp, and to...