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  1. davealexis2000

    Switching from arimidex to aromasin when you cruise.

    Hi everyone I've been running arimidex during cycle and i wanna switch to aromasin for a bit of my cruise to make sure I'm covered for the rebound aspect. How long in the cruise should i run aromasin for? Or should i just run arimidex for a bit longer. Thanks for all your help in advance
  2. davealexis2000

    Test E cycle length

    What's the minimum time you can run test E or C for it to be affective? Can 8 weeks be enough? Thank you
  3. davealexis2000

    Acne problem help

    Hey all. I get terrible acne each time on cycle specially this last time that i ran winstrol test and deca. How can i battle that? Anything to take? Or any other suggestions? Thanks for your help all
  4. davealexis2000

    Aromasin vs arimidex

    Hi guys I've always ran aromasin on cycle and pct. Just wondering how i can run arimidex instead. I'm specially cautious about the rebound effect and how you can manage it with arimidex in pct? What would be your dosages on and off cycle. Thanks a lot
  5. davealexis2000

    4 week cycle?

    Can a 4 week cycles of test prop and anadrol be effective or is it gonna be too short? What would you add to this bulking cycle?
  6. davealexis2000

    Fusion labs

    Hi guys wanna know your opinions on the fusion labs? Going for some of their test deca dbol and winny. Are they good to go? Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  7. davealexis2000

    Should I add winstrol to my cycle?

    Hi everyone. I am going to run a test deca and dbol bulking cycle. (test and deca both around 400 to 500 and dbol at 30mg 4 weeks) Running this cycle for 16 weeks I was thinking of adding winstrol for the last 4 weeks and cut in those 4 weeks. Is it a good idea to bulk and cut in the same cycle...
  8. davealexis2000

    Running 2 different orals for starter and finisher

    Hi everyone! I know you should not be using orals for too long continuously but is there a way to kick start with an oral and end a cycle with another? Maybe some compounds that don't need to be run for too long. I know it depends on your goals on what to run. But I just wanna know more about...
  9. davealexis2000

    Cooking with protein powder

    Just wondering if cooking with protein powder is a good idea? For example protein pancake. Will the extreme heat ruin the protein value? Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  10. davealexis2000

    Tbol help

    Hi everyone! I have a question. I'm ending my cycle with tbol i have enough for 50mg a day for 6 weeks should i do it in that order or shorter time with 60mg a day? Thanks Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  11. davealexis2000

    Running S4 on a cruise before a blast

    Hi all! Was wondering if I can run stand alone S4 right after my cycle till the next cycle ? Do I need any time off before I started or after I finish the S4 cycle. Thanks!
  12. davealexis2000

    Kick in time for orals?

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of adding tbol to my next cycle as a Kickstarter I'm just wondering how long it usually takes for you to start feeling the orals effect? And also when does it usually peak for you? Thanks! Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  13. davealexis2000

    Stopping my cycle, Please help!

    Hi everyone I'm 22 days into a test and deca cycle(350 each) . I had a very bad back pain about a week and half ago so I said I'm not gonna lift for a few days a few days after without even lifting the pain got so bad that i needed to go to the emergency room every movement was painful even...
  14. davealexis2000

    Cabergoline side effects help

    Hi everyone I'm in the 3rd week of a test deca cycle. I'm getting lots of head spins which i feel like I'm going to fall. It's specially bothersome in the gym for example laying down with the dumbbells to do chest press my head start spinning and it's hard to keep the balance. Has anyone...
  15. davealexis2000

    Recomp tips

    Hey guys. Just wondering what needs to be done to guarantee a successful recomp cycle? Where would you keep your calorie intake if you are going to minimize the fat gains and maximize the muscle gains? I'd appreciate any tips on nutrition and workouts. (i was thinking of doing it with a test...
  16. davealexis2000

    Test and deca cycle questions

    Hi everyone I have a few rookie questions about my test (cyp) and deca cycle. First i wanted to know is twice a week injections enough? And is it ok to draw them both into one syringe and Inject into one muscle or does it have to be injected into different sites separately? And after the cycle...
  17. davealexis2000

    Test and deca cycle help

    Hi everyone i have a few question about my cycle of 350 test and 350 deca for 14 weeks . How many weeks do you wait until the esters clear on this cycle before you go on pct? And how many weeks of pct do you suggest? Also with cabergoline do you continue it while your esters are clearing and in...
  18. davealexis2000

    Enhancedrx caber

    Hi has anyone tried caber from Is it a trustworthy website? Thanks
  19. davealexis2000

    Nutrition question (protein shake)

    Hi guys. I usually go to the gym after work and i make a protein shake(just water and whey) and drink it during work. A bodybuilder friend recently told me that is not a good idea because the shake looses it's protein value after a few hours. Is that true? Thanks Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  20. davealexis2000

    Blood in the urine!

    So i was having some burning sensation while peeing so i got myself checked for stds and hiv and it came out that i have no illness or infection but there was blood in my urine. This was done the last week of my cycle of test only. This is bothering me cause i have to do it 2 more times in a...