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  1. Free2burn

    Seized package!

    Well, it's official. I am now an outlaw! Got my first seizure letter today. I'm not pissed that my package got seized, because that's the type of game were in. I'm pissed that it contained my Viagra! Among other wonderful stuff. I was planning to give the wifey 200lbs of pure fury this...
  2. Free2burn

    Valhalla first order

    Received my first "test" order from valhalla today Test e 250 and Tren A 125. It's been a pleasure dealing with Miss NY. Great communication and speedy shipping. Definitely gonna stock up now :) .. the products looks so yummy! I think I found my new domestic! Would also like to hear experiences...
  3. Free2burn

    Pharma Lady Bloodwork Global Anabolics Test E

    I'm new to this forum, but I've been checking this out on and off. This review is based on my experience with Global anabolic. This is my 2nd cycle, the first one was with legend pharmaceuticals test e only. Now with global anabolic from pharmalady I did a 12 week test e and deca cycle. I didn't...