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    Daced/ first SARMS cycle/ Female/ Log

    Ok..... here goes. May not be great at this but going to try recording a log here for female users. Needing help for sure to make sure I am doing this correctly. A bit about me: Female Age: 51 Height: 5'9" Weight: 150 lbs (was 146 a month ago, but was @ 1000 calories/d) BF% 26-27% Calories...
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    Newbie here, Hi All !!

    Hi all. Needing some input. I'm a newbie to the 'idea' of sarms and would like a bit of input. I'm a female, age 51, 5'9", 143lbs, 27% BF. Live a fairly healthy lifestyle, stay active, gym 3 days a week w a trainer, and typically walk daily. But, it's too cold here now, so not walking. I have...