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  1. Dgator86

    Oxandrolone cycle and enhancements

    Recently I was put on TET as I like to call it. E being “enhancement” due to finally coming to grips with my genetics and Father Time. Pre- bloods Total: 407 (300-1200) Free: 7.1 [emoji15] (5-26) Available: 200 (126-661) As a result, I’m on 100 mL Test-C/week 100 mL HCG/week Both split into...
  2. Dgator86

    Leaner, Faster, Stronger Log

    All, So I finally put pen to paper and bought my 12 week cycle (what better way to spend my tax refund). About me: Weight - 204 BF% - 13.8% Training history: CrossFit since 2010, plus “globo gym” added in there occasionally. Deadlift - 535 Back Squat - 400 Bench - 245 (torn labrum & separated...
  3. Dgator86

    SARMs math

    So I’m calculating cost for my upcoming cycle. 12 weeks. I’m going to buy from esarms. So... LGD (10mg/ml) at 10 mg per day = 30 days/bot Total : 3 bottles S4 (25mg/ml) at 50 mg per day = 15 days/bot Total : 6 bottles Is this accurate?
  4. Dgator86

    Crossfit cycle

    I know someone else posted recently in regards to Crossfit. He had a similar idea to me on a cycle. I’m looking for lean gains, fat loss and endurance. Here’s what I’m thinking (paired with maintenance macros and adjusting them per results/feeling).... Endurance: (Weeks 1-12) ITPP GW SR9009...