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    aromasin and arimidex applicable and best usages.

    In which situation arimidex is better and in which situation aromasin is better?
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    Regarding Boldanon Cycle , what should be best shot of testostorone mg per week?

    If I want to start 16 weeks boldanon cycle then what should be my ideal testosterone shot per week? is it somewhere in between 300 to 400mg or more than that? or 800mg boldanon + 800mg test per week? My body fat pct. 8.5% , age 34. For your information this is my 4th time cycle? Need the...
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    Need to resolve my low libido problems.

    Hi Dylan/Rickrock, I am a bodybuilder. For achieving the National leve title. I have been doing exercise since 1999 achieved many titles but only ROID used year 2014 and 2015 for getting the first place in national contest. Before steroid cycle I do not have any low libido problems. 2014...
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    Regarding Tongkat ALi dosage for Low Libido

    Hi Brothers, I have collected Tongkat ALI for my low libido. It is made in china, Total 200PCs Tongkat Ali extract capsule and each capsule size is 500Mg. Can you please tell me the dosage ? Is it feasible to take 500mg daily if not then what is the procedure to take daily?
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    Regarding Low Libio Problem.

    Brother, I am still suffering low libio problems which become low sex drive. In 2015 December I stopped the steroid cycle. That year, I did not have any idea aromasin, cardarin,mkd2866,cabergolin. One of my friend suggested me and accordingly I had used. In 2015, my bulking cyle, 15 weeks 300...
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    Aromasin or Arimidex replacement

    Hi Dylan, Is there any alternative medicines to replace the Aromasin or Arimidex to control the estrogen level? Can anyone run the clomid and nolvadex during the cycle? If it is then what is procedure to use in bulking cycle? Regards, DRoidEm
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    Regarding Bulking Cycle

    Hi Dylan, I hope your doing fine. I know you have so many request. I am a bodybuilder and planning to start the bulking cycle from next month after 1.5 years pause.I saw your youtube video which is impressive and very helpful. My weigh is now 80KG. Height 5.7 inch. Age 34.15 years old...