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    T lvls doubled!?

    I thought sarms were not steroid based??
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    Boys shrunk...

    From what I’ve read it lgd4033 that’s to blame. My question is why did my boys shrink if it’s not a steroid?
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    Too many?

    I’m now doing mk2866, rad140, mk677 and lgd4033. Is this too much at one time?
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    Sarms and dhb?

    Good to stack or no? I’m already taking 300 mgs a week for trt. Dhb would be an add on to it at 400 mgs for a 10 week cycle.
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    starting sarms with MS

    just started MK 2866 at 20 mgs/day on Monday. Tuesday was leg day and I was able to get under the bar and do back squats while holding form with no problem. they were box squats just because of my stability issues. I was able to do 40 lbs on the bar for 20 reps. this is a huge achievement...