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    Hold off on cycle or not...?

    I’m on my 9th week out of a 16 week cycle but am having a short procedure on my back on Thursday to remove something. Should I continue my cycle or put it on hold until I can return to the gym which could be anywhere from a week and a half to two weeks...?
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    Can you smell your gear...?

    Not perverted or can anybody else smell the compound after it’s been injected? No seepage, injection site is dry and still minutes afterwards I can smell it.
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    Injection site pain and redness/swelling

    I’m 41 and have been injecting for almost a year now. I’ve never really had an issue with this other than once in a while but has never been a consistent problem. I’ve taken breaks between cycles when needed, always used a 23 gauge needle, and have been with the same gear provider the whole...
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    Different compounds in the same injection site?

    With my current cycle I’m having to pin myself twice each night with different compounds in each syringe. My question: is it alright to inject one compound, unscrew the upper half of the syringe with the needle still in my skin, and take another upper half, screw it on to the needle still in my...
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    Question regarding results from this cycle with HGH

    I’m about to start a new cycle which will be my first with HGH. IÂ’m under 10% body fat and weigh 185 lbs currently. My question is: I understand GH can take a while to see results if youÂ’re simply working out and taking normal supplements. How much more noticeable are the results and are they...